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The Colourful Side of Adelaide – My 5 Favourite Photos

Adelaide is not just about wineries and vineyards, arid and very hot summer, or Coopers Pale Ale. Read on to discover the colourful side of the city in South Australia with my photos.

With just over one million residents, Adelaide is ranked the fifth in terms of population size. Nonetheless, it is the biggest city in South Australia. Viniculture is undoubtedly one of the important industries of the area, with thousands if not more tourists going to Adelaide just because of the wineries. You may have heard of places like the Barossa Valley, or the McLaren Vale. No? What about labels such as Jacob’s Creek, or Penfolds?

But Adelaide has got its artsy side, too.

Samstag Museum of Art

Great place to use the “Double Exposure” effect in Snapseed

Located in the CBD not far away from the Main Train Station, the Samstag Museum of Art is an excellent place to spend a cultural afternoon. Its collection is diverse, with lots of interesting exhibitions by artists from all around the world. Do check out their opening hours, as they do not open 7 days a week.

For more information, visit their website:


The Alleyway

It can get very dark under the bridge, so make sure you bring up the “Shadow” when you edit

Adelaide is just like any other big cities – there are street arts. If you have time, try to walk around and hunt for these hidden gems. These colourful graffiti are definitely brilliant photographic objects!

Sunset at Semaphore Jetty

The jetty are great leading lines for composition

Or any other nearby jetty. All these jetties are west-facing, meaning they are all great for watching sunset. But personally I find Glenelg a bit crowded because of all the restaurants and the yacht club. Semaphore is just fine – close to the city but not too crowded. The jetty itself is also quite well maintained.

Learn more about the Semaphore Jetty here:

The Jetty


St Kilda (Adelaide)

What can be more vivid than the “Slide Film” effect?

I have to put Adelaide in brackets because there is another (more famous) St Kilda in Melbourne, but this less known St Kilda is an absolute must-go if weather and everything permits. Thanks to the microbes which worked hard to turn this salt lake pink. There is a much bigger Lake Bumbunga but that will be a two-hour drive to the north from Adelaide. Try to check with the locals before going though, as it can get dried up (and therefore kind of white instead of pink) sometimes. In general, it gets quite dried up in Summer (which is December/ January in Southern Hemisphere), because (South) Australia’s Summer is very, very dry.


State Library of South Australia

Getting creative with “Double Exposure”, again

Located just a few minutes from the Main Train Station, you should not miss the opportunity to visit this library. Remember to visit the wonderful old reading room too!

Check out more at their website:



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