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Making One Colour Pop Photo in Lightroom CC

How to make a photo with one colour pop (or color pop – for readers from the westside of the pond) and stand out, and the rest pretty much desaturated? Is it hard to learn?

The good news is that it is very easy. I have created a 90-second tutorial on how to make your own one in Adobe Lightroom CC.

The 90-Second Tutorial – Making One Color Pop



Step-by-step Instructions

Step 1 & 2 – Go to the “Colour” Tab; Select “Mix” by Clicking the Colour Wheel

Very straightforward.


Step 3 & 4 – Choose the Colour that Should Pop Up; Increase Saturation and Luminance

Bringing up the saturation and luminance are both optional. However based on my experience, I would strongly recommend you do so. The reason is to enhance the contrast and effect by making the colour pop even further. Bringing up the luminance slightly gives you a brighter tone of the colour.


Step 5 – Desaturate Other Colours One by One

Do you have to completely desaturate all other colours by making everything -100? No. At the end of the day, you decide what you want. Do you want to keep a slightly blue tint of the sky? Or slightly greenish tint of the trees? That is completely up to you. Feel free to work around and find the best settings that you like most.


Step 6 – Done!

Voila! Done! Look at the result! Of course, like what I did in the video, you may feel the need to adjust the Light and Effects. Adding vignette will give a more cinematic feel too!

Edinburgh Cash Box
The Red Phonebox (Or Cashbox?) – A Typical Icon of the United Kingdom

Easy wasn’t it?

Struggling whether you should or should not edit your photos at all? Or how much you should edit? Perhaps this article can give you an answer.

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