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Huji Cam – A Review

For once one of the most popular camera apps in App Store back in 2017, how is Huji Cam doing these days?


The Huji Cam

You probably knew already, they called it the Huji Cam because of copyright issue with Fujifilm. In fact, they stated it very clearly in the app description that they have no affiliation with the Japanese corporation. Still, from the design of the logo, you smell a hint of the old Fujicolor film?

So what is Huji Cam all about? Remember those old cameras from your local drugstore? That is the effect Huji Cam will give you.

Yes, noise, chromatic aberration, light leaks, dusts, all of these. Oh! And a datestamp too!

Australian afternoon. Note the light leak effect on the far left.

The Marking Rubics

I will rate this app, and probably other apps in the future, using the following marking rubics:

  • The Basics: Basic functionalities of photography, for example the control and settings of exposures, colours and tones.
  • The Specials: Any special features that enhance creativity. Something unique that sets the app apart from other apps in the market.
  • Practicality: Whether this app is of practical use. Is it an app that we cannot live without? Or is it just a one-time, good-to-have app for fun?
  • Performance: Is it a bulky and slow app? Does it run smoothly? Does it crash a lot?
  • User Interface: Whether it is beautifully designed and user-friendly.
  • Value for Money: Is it good value for money? A good deal or not?
  • Overall: The overall ratings I would give for the app.

For each of the items above, I will give a rating from 1 ★ (the lowest) to 5 ★★★★★ (the highest).

Just my personal observation – but Huji Cam seems to add a slightly purplish tint to the photos.

The Basics – ★★★

The Huji Cam is a pretty basic camera. No custom shutter speed or ISO. Just snap. But it does the work.

To be honest, it is designed to be a basic camera. As I have said above, it simulates a basic point-and-shoot camera. So it is legitimate not to have any other controls.

Light leak, grains, chromatic aberration, slightly off-coloured desaturated – everything you need for a virtual point-and-shoot camera.

The Specials – ★★★★

The analog film effect in Huji Cam is unlike those ordinary film filters in many other apps.

It is beyond just adding some grains or fading effects.

Remember those poor-quality lenses on the point-and-shoot? Huji Cam gives you that. Light leaks and dusts like the old days? Huji Cam gives you those as well.

You can also choose to have the date stamp (in 1998 or 2020 – up to you!), or just leave it if you do not like it.

Arguably, the effect is not unachievable in other apps, or by editing tools. But Huji Cam gives you the analog feel effortlessly in just 3 seconds! What else can you ask for?

Also, it is great fun waiting for the photo to be “developed”. It is always full of surprise! You would not know whether this photo will have light leak, or dust, or both.

Dusty as if it was rescanned – but it’s not! It’s added by the mighty Huji Cam!

Practicality – ★★★

I would not say this is an everyday app, or a camera app that you would use for some important photography. But it is definitely an app that you can play with occasionally. Whether post it to Instagram or Snapchat, this will be a good app to have.

Literally, just point at something, and shoot. Huji Cam is such a handy camera app for snapshot.

Performance – ★★★★

It is a light-weighted app. Smooth and handy. Absolutely useable even on my old iPhone 5.

Very simplistic user interface – but sufficient to do its job.

User Interface – ★★★★

The viewfinder may appear a bit small at first sight. But you can click on it to enlarge it. The buttons and settings menu are clear and easy to be found.

Huji Cam in Hong Kong
Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong. So lucky to have this trim-colour light leak as it is totally unpredictable! We only know after the film has been “developed”!

Value for Money – ★★★

The Huji Cam is free. But you can also pay extra (1USD) to enjoy the premium features, including importing from your album and removal of ads. It is good for those who have some previously-taken photos which you want to be “converted” into point-and-shoot analog photos with ease. But for the other side of the argument, I would say, it is doable by editing, plus you have more control.

Huji Cam Star Ferry
Star Ferry in Hong Kong.

Overall – ★★★★

A great fun analog-film camera app simulating point-and-shoot film cameras. It gives you surprise – you may get dusts, light leaks, a combination of both, or none – isn’t it just like the old days?

The app is available in the App Store or Google Play Store.

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