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Hong Kong Tram Tour to North Point

If you have been to Hong Kong before, you have probably been on the tram before. If you haven’t, you should do it during your next stay. But there are so many stops and routes – which one is the best one? I would say, take the one to North Point. Read on, follow me on this tram tour to North Point.

The tram is probably the most popular means of transportation amongst local residents. It is not too fast (or pretty slow as a matter of fact), but it is the cheapest public transportation (HK$2.6, or like 30 US cents). More importantly, you can enjoy a nice cityscape of Hong Kong!

Hong Kong Tram in Causeway Bay
If you can, take a seat in the front or at the back on the upper deck. That will give you the best view!


Hong Kong Tram
Say hi to your neighbours!


Approaching North Point

What makes the tram tour to North Point so spectacular is the narrow street just before entering the terminus.

The street is known as Chun Yeung Street (春秧街). It is the beloved wet market of many of the local residents living in North Point, or nearby neighbourhoods.

Hong Kong Tram on King's Road
I took this when I was departing North Point. See that #33 Tram showing “North Point”?


The back view of the tram as it is steering into Chun Yeung Street.


The tram will take a brief stop here. The doorframe of the tram can be a great tool for interesting composition.


The street is very narrow, just enough for the tram to pass through. It is shared by many – the tram, the stalls, the shoppers, the private cars, etc.


Be flexible – don’t forget you can open the window for some nice composition!


Getting There

Only trams that go to “North Point” will enter Chun Yeung Street, so make sure you know where the tram terminates before you board. Also, since only eastbound trams will terminate at North Point, so you may wish to take the tram from somewhere like Causeway Bay, Wan Chai, Admiralty or Central.

North Point MTR Station is just round the corner. After visiting Chun Yeung Street, you have the flexibility to take the tram back to where you boarded, or take the MTR to go basically anywhere in Hong Kong! North Point is indeed the middle of everywhere – a very convenient spot.

If you have visited Chun Yeung Street, please let me know by commenting below! I would be so pleased to hear. Also if you find this article useful, share it with your friends and family! Don’t forget to check out my other photos!

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