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Cing Jing – the Switzerland of Taiwan

Located more than 1,700 metres above mean sea level, Qing Jing offers a spectacular view of the mountains in the centre of Taiwan. Some tourists even claimed that it is the Switzerland of Taiwan. I do not think that is an overstatement.

There is a High-altitude Scenic Trail too. The trail is great for individuals who would like to enjoy some fresh air. Coming with your family? Then you should not miss the alpine-like Cing Jing Farmland. It is great fun interacting with farm animals including cows and sheep.

This is the outdoor cafe of my hostel. Sit down and enjoy a cuppa. It was such a lovely place. I should write about it in the future when I have time.

One of my favourite picture of the trip. In Cing Jing Farmland you have close interaction with the farm animals. There is also a sheep-shearing show. By paying a small fee you can also buy the food and feed them. Of course, respect them and don’t hurt them.

Wonderful place to spend a couple of hours, have a picnic on the grassland. Bring a book with you, or chit-chat with your beloved ones.

Getting there

  • Transport: There are numerous ways to go to Cing Jing. One popular option is to take the coach from Taichung Station. It will take approximately 2 hours. If you are travelling in group of three or four, you may also consider reserving a cab for the whole day. That is just slightly more expensive but provides much greater flexibility.
  • Price: The “Green Green Grassland” has an entrance fee of 200TWD on weekends (180TWD on weekdays), and by paying 20TWD more you can get access to the High Altitude Trail (the featured photo on the top, which I do recommend).
  • For more information: (Contains bus info, Chinese only)

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