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Auckland – 3 Free Things to Do

There are a lot to do in Auckland. One of the must-do item is definitely to take the ferry and go on a winery tour on Waiheke Island. But what if you don’t want to pay a single cent? Great news for the money-savers – I have found three free attractions in Auckland, that you can visit for free. Yes, absolutely free of charge. Read on!

Depending on where you come from, but there is a high chance that you will stop by Auckland for a day or two even if you are planning to visit the South Island, because Auckland International Airport is the largest airport in the country.

Being the most populous city in New Zealand, the Central Business District of Auckland is of not much difference from other cities. Of course, it is not as big as New York or London, and it does get a bit quiet at night. Personally I don’t know why, but I find Auckland CBD a bit similar to Melbourne CBD. Maybe it’s just my thought.

Like any large cities, things are definitely not cheap in Auckland. It is not unaffordable, but it is just not cheap.

“Hey! So what are some free attractions in Auckland?” Someone gets impatient.

Okay, here you are.

Free Attraction #1 : Mount Eden Summit

Mount Eden is a suburb just a few miles south of Auckland CBD. It used to be a volcano many years ago. Before scaring you off, many years means ten thousands years ago – so no worries.

The view along the trail. Unfortunately weather was not great that day.

It is one of the most popular walking trails in Auckland. From there, you can enjoy a wonderful, 360-degree view of the entire Auckland city. See those skyscrapers and the famous Sky Tower? Yes, that is the CBD.

It is not particularly steep. To be honest it is quite an easy 2 kilometres to walk. If you travel light (which you should!), you should be able to reach the top within an hour.

That is the view at the Summit – Auckland and the Crater of Mount Eden.
The Crater is about 50 metres deep. Watch out!

Getting there from CBD is not difficult. You can take the train from Britomart to Mount Eden, and then walk from the station to the summit. If you are willing spend a bit more, taking a cab or an Uber will surely save you a bit of distance. (But hey, I thought you are looking for something free or cheap…)


Free Attraction #2 : One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill, also known as Maungakiekie, is another volcanic summit in Auckland suburb. It has got a bigger park, which is nice for picnic. But what interested me the most are the sheep.

A very spacious and relaxing park.
Be patient and you may find some of the sheep residing on the slope.
A sheep and the obelisk at the summit.

One Tree Hill is located a bit further to the South than Mount Eden, so it is a bit more distant from Auckland CBD. You can take the train from Britomart to Greenlane Station, and then walk to the entrance of Cornwall Park. It takes about 30 minutes.


Free Attraction #3 : Sky Tower

Wait… what? That is not free!

Hang on, I did not say you have to go up the Tower.

Why not play a city hunt game yourself, wander around the city, and look for the best spot to take photo of the Sky Tower?

Maybe you will find a wonderful spot that nobody has been. Who knows!

View of the Sky Tower from Viaduct.
The view on Victoria Street West.
A bit of reflection could help too, sometimes.


Your Spot?

Those are my three free recommendations in Auckland. Any Auckland locals here? Do you have any other suggestions? If yes, share them with us please! Let us know by commenting below.

Also if you find this article useful, share it with your friends and family! Don’t forget to check out my other photos!

Have a wonderful trip to New Zealand! I love this country so much.

Thanks for reading!

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