Welcome to Traphoner! Yes, it is (kind of) a portmanteau – “traveller” with a “phone”.

The site was established by a travel & photography geek based in Asia.

To sum up my ideology in a few words:

Our eyes are the best camera, our phone is the second best. Pack light, travel light, leave your heavy gears at home.

What is this site about?

Before everything, all travel photos on this website were taken with a mobile phone only. No professional cameras, no consumer-level cameras, no x-ray machines, no! Just a mobile phone.

This is a semi-personal, semi-informational travel blog. I post travel photos taken by myself, and I promote the idea that your ordinary mobile phone is already good enough to take wonderful travel photographs.

Who am I?

Many years ago I was given an old Fujifilm camera. I took a few photographs with it. I loved it. That was how I started my photography journey.

A few years later I bought my first ever DSLR – Nikon D50, with a kit lens (AF-S Nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6). It was absolute great fun.

Throughout the years, I started purchasing more and more gears. I got myself a tele lens (AF 70-300mm) not after I got the kit lens, and then the 50mm f/1.4D. And then I upgraded to Nikon D300 and some bigger lenses. And then I jumped into film photography – got myself a few old Nikons, a few old Canons RF, a few TLRs, and a Leica.

I used to travel less frequently than I do nowadays. But whenever I travelled, I was in full gear – 2 bodies, 5 lenses, a tripod, and erm, flashlights sometimes?

It was until one moment that I decided I have had enough – it is just too heavy.

My current (only) gear – iPhone 7.

When was it?

It was a trip to Singapore – where I basically brought nothing but my phone. I spent five days in Singapore, wandering around, taking photographs of the city solely using my phone. Then I came back home, shared the photos with my family and friends. It was quick and easy because they were all jpegs, not RAWs. They loved my works.

Then I started realising – perhaps this is the way to go: iPhoneography. I used to waste so much time changing lenses, setting up the tripod. I did not even have time to look around, or to enjoy myself in a new city. Nowadays when I travel, I take most of the photos using my phone. Because yes, our eyes are the best camera. Taking photos is important because it is my hobby, but spending quality time with my beloved ones is equally if not more important.

Why did you start this blog?

I decided to start this blog to promote travel photography with your mobile phone. The camera(s) on your phone are just so good these days. I am not saying or claiming that DSLR cameras can be totally replaced – of course they cannot be. But if you agree travelling is all about relaxing and immersing in a new culture, then I strongly advocate leaving behind your heavy camera at home, and just travel with your eyes and your phone.

Navigating in this blog

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Enjoy viewing!


Apr 2020